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    armor-tuff-vince-DeRienzo  Since 1998 Armorpoxy has been the country’s leading manufacturer and distributor of high performance epoxy coatings and flooring solutions. Many years ago we realized that epoxy flooring has limitations due to prep and cure times, limited life spans, and difficulty of installing due to down time constraints. In response to our customer’s needs, we designed and started manufacture our SupraTile Industrial Grade Interlocking Floor tiles which can withstand the abuse of heavy apparatus, firefighters and emergency service workers.

    A few years ago Armorpoxy was contacted by the Randolph, NJ Company 3 Fire Department to consult with them on replacing their apparatus bay floors.  A decision was made to install one of the first SupraTile floors in a fire department. A few months after the installation, we were contacted by one of the Officers of the department, Mr. Vince DeRienzo, a long-term firefighter about how pleased they were with their floor.  Soon after that we joined forces and formed the Armor-Tuff Division which markets the SupraTile flooring to fire, EMS, and military markets. In a short amount of time we have installed over 400,000 square feet of flooring throughout the US and Canada. We now have a network of experience installers and sales reps throughout the country.

  • Supratile – Fast Installation, Lasts a Lifetime

    Supratile is the perfect answer for projects that cannot be taken out of service for the many days to install an epoxy floor and let it cure. Tens of thousands of square feet of Supratile can be installed in a single day if needed with little, if any downtime of the area. Install today – use today! Ideal for auto dealerships, hangars, fire houses, police stations, schools, public facilities, restaurants, convenience stores, residential garages (where leaving belongings outside is not practical), and more.

  • Applications

    • Factories
    • Warehouses
    • Shops & Retail
    • Hangars
    • Commercial Garages
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We installed Armorpoxy floors in our Firehouse Garage in New Jersey. Not only was the entire site done in less than 1-day, we haven’t seen any cracks or seams in the product since. 100% satisfied.

    Author's imageGeorge NovitzkyFire Chief, Union New Jesey

Key Benefits

    • Easy Installation

      Quick and easy installation with little or no interruption to your everyday routine. Our crew can handle an installation of ANY size in 1-day or less.

    • Exceptional Durability

      Made from industrial-grade PVC polymer, Armor-Tuff by Armorpoxy tiles never crack or break, and come with a 25 year product warranty to back it up. The tiles will last a lifetime.

    • Tough & Resistant

      Armor-Tuff by Amorpoxy tiles offer excellent resistance to impact, moisture and abrasion. The tiles are perfect for any industrial application such as a warehouse, garage or production facility.

    • Easily Customizable

      With a variety of colors, thicknesses and patterns to choose from, interlocking Armor-Tuff by Armorpoxy tiles can be easily customized to fit your style. We even offer custom logo and printing to add an extra bit of design to your project.

    • Any Surface, Any Condition

      Armor-Tuff by Armorpoxy tiles can easily be installed over uneven, old or even cracked floors. They can also be applied on a variety or surfaces such as vinyl or asbestos, or even contaminated surfaces.

    • Strive for Excellence

      The engineers at Armor-Tuff are constantly updating and improving products to ensure the best quality possible. For the tough floors you need, you can be sure that Armor-Tuff will be there to surpass industry expectations.

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