5.5mm Series

5.5mm Series with Hidden Interlock Joint

5.5mm Series is designed for indoor use applications such as residential kitchens, family rooms, basements, lounge areas, lobbies, gyms/workout areas and other areas where a stylish and comfortable surface is desired. Can also be used in garages, play areas, and is suitable for vehicular traffic. Beautiful Hidden Dovetail Joint is highly water resistant and the final result is a clean, finished look that is fantastic, looks like tile and is comfortable to walk on, easy to clean and keep new-looking, and is visually appealing. Colors can be mixed and matched to achieve high style appearances.

Available in Slate or new Leather Surface finish textures.

Please note that interlocking edging is not available for the Hidden Joint Series, but we do offer glue on custom molded transition edging, see Online Store.

5.5mm Series are made in two sizes. 18″ square (2.25 sq ft/tile) for the SLATE texture. 20″ square (2.7 sq ft/tile) for the LEATHER texture.