7mm Series

7mm Series Full Dovetail or Hidden Interlock Joint

Supratile 7mm is our thickest and strongest interlocking tile. Ideal for harsh, demanding environments such as loading docks, heavy manufacturing areas, airports, truck repair facilities, mining operations, museums and similar facilities. Each tile can hold up to 20,000lbs with no indentation.

We recommend the Full Dovetail Joint for heavy duty applications such as car or truck repair facilities, commercial hangars, military installations, manufacturing facilities, and other similar uses.

Available in gorgeous Hidden Interlock with Leather Look Surface giving the look of simulated tile, or Full Dovetail Joint with Textured Surface.

Hidden Joint Series 7mm tiles can be ‘welded’ together using standard linoleum type heat welding equipment which utilizes a heat-activated tool and melting color-coordinated flexible vinyl material into the joint, making the Supratile floor 100% waterproof and ideal for commercial kitchens and similar areas where water tightness must be assured. See photos below of tiles welded together. We also now carry a Liquid Joint Sealer which seals the hidden joint with a high performance flexible compound.