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Technical Information

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  • Technical Specifications

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  • Installation Instructions

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Frequently Asked Questions

”Is Armor Tuff a Manfacturer?

Yes – Armorpoxy specializes in the design and manufacture of interlocking flooring systems. We are the world’s leading producer and sell our product range worldwide. We have a large range of designs and are constantly bringing new and innovative products to the market. Being a manufacturer enables Armorpoxy to offer the most competitive pricing and products that are of the highest standard. Unlike most internet resellers we are a real company with a physical address, showroom, offices and warehouse located at 805 Lehigh Ave, Union, NJ 07083.

Where can Armor Tuff be installed?

The versatility of the SupraTile range makes it the ideal product for installation in many different environments ranging from industrial and commercial to domestic applications.

Does the substrate need to be repaired prior to installing?

No – except for areas that have cracks or missing cement pieces. In this instance these areas will need to be filled in with a self-levelling compound (commonly referred to as Skim Coat) before Supratile is installed. All that is then required is to sweep or vacuum the floor before starting installation. It is not necessary to sandblast or detergent wash the floor when the tiles are being loose laid.

Can Armor Tuff be installed on a floor that has not been degreased and is damp?

Yes – because Supratile is a loose lay system it can be installed on contaminated substrates and can also be used in environments where the substrate is damp as the joints allow for evaporation.

What happens if water gets under the tiles?

Although the unique design of Supratile provides an extremely strong join, we do not claim that it is 100% waterproof. If large amounts of water are spilled and left on the floor, it is possible for some seepage to occur. However this water evaporates quickly as the interlocking system allows the floor to breathe. We have been manufacturing interlocking flooring systems for many years and have never had any instances where spillages have resulted in odours or substrate damage.

Can I use heavy machinery such as a floor jack or forklift?

Yes. When installing Supratile in environments where heavy machinery such as forklifts is in use, we recommend that our 7mm industrial full dovetail join is used. The uniqueness of this joint provides an interlocking system which is superior to that of our competitors. In some instances it may be necessary to adhere the tiles with the SupraTile Adhesive. For advice on this please contact our sales team.

How soon after installation can I use my floor?

You can use your Supratile floor immediately after it has been installed. This is one of the many advantages of the Supratile flooring system.

Why should I choose interlocking floor systems?

At first glance when comparing the price of Supratile to other flooring systems such as vinyl, paint or resins, it may appear that Supratile is more expensive. However when you take into account the following points, Supratile is a more resilient product that actually costs less installed.

Do you offer custom installation services?

Armorpoxy runs installation crews in the Northeast United States. Depending on project size we can arrange installation nationwide. We also can provide an on-site supervisor to supervise your labor.

In what instances do I need to use an adhesive with the interlocking tiles?

In the vast majority of applications the tiles can be loose laid and no adhesive is required. Exceptions to this are when the tiles are to be installed in an area where a forklift truck with a very high point loading is being used. Examples of this are:

a reach truck or a 3-wheeled forklift truck that is operating in a confined space with very tight turning circles.
We also recommend that adhesive is used in installations with extreme variations in temperatures.
Any area with a south or west facing loading bay door that is exposed to any direct sunlight or heat source.
How are the tiles maintained?
Please refer to our installation and maintenance instructions for a more in-depth guide to cleaning but in general terms we recommend that firstly you sweep or vacuum up dust and then damp [not wet][/not] mop the tiles. Water by itself or with a small quantity of detergent will suffice with either a mop or a rotary scrubber dryer if available. You can use a buffer with a lamb’s wool pad to buff a clean dry floor to an amazing shine. If required you can hose off the floor with your garden hose or a power washer [under 1300 psi][/under].

What are the tiles made of?

The tiles are made from 100% PVC polymer compound and we also offer a range of recycled tiles in black and grey.

Can Armor Tuff tiles be installed outdoors?

No, we do not recommend the use of Supratile outdoors.

Can Armor Tuff tiles be installed over vinyl, carpeted or painted floors?

We recommend that the tiles can be installed over vinyl and painted floors however when the tiles are to be installed in an area where there is carpet or carpet tiles it is recommended that these are removed before installation.

When using the tiles in a garage environment, what needs to be considered?

Supratile has been successfully installed worldwide in domestic and commercial garages creating a clean and smart, dust free environment that is aesthetically pleasing. Supratile is an outstanding choice for residential or commercial garages.

What are the differences between the thicknesses of the different tiles?

We recommend that our 7mm industrial dovetail tile is used in environments where forklift trucks or very heavy traffic is present. For all other areas the thickness and surface design is a matter of customer choice.

Raw materials, quality and the environment: why should I use Armor Tuff?

Armorpoxy is the world’s leading manufacturer of interlocking tiles hence we are able to purchase the best raw materials at the most competitive pricing. Our factory is state-of-the-art and every tile produced is of the highest quality. Armorpoxy operates to 9001 Quality Standards and any tiles that are rejected are recycled to be used in the production of black tiles.

Can Armor Tuff be used in conjunction with under-floor heating?

Supratiles are an extremely good conductor of heat. Please note when Supratiles are to be installed in conjunction with an under-floor heating system, the under-floor heating must be turned on before starting installation. Lay the tiles out in batches of 5 to allow them to acclimatise and to settle to the temperature of the under-floor heating for at least 24 hours before starting installation.

Can the tile stain or discolor?

Staining from car tires – Rubber tires will stain almost every type of floor including bare concrete, painted and vinyl flooring. The stain is a chemical reaction and will not damage the tiles or have an impact on their durability.